UK Spouse Visa

Married to a Thai national and wanting to take your Thai wife back to the United Kingdom with a spouse visa? Well you will be best served by hiring an attorney to complete the process for you. Our offices in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya can do this application for you however our Bangkok office closer to the British embassy can do this much faster as the documents can be taken to the embassy by hand. With a number of high fraudulent applications over the past few years the British embassy has become very strict about the issuance of UK visas in Thailand.

UK Spouse Visa

If you visa ever gets turned down the ability to apply again becomes very difficult. We have seen over the years that many Brits attempt to do the applications themselves and when it is refused they normally seek and attorney. Most of why the application had been turned down could have been avoided if they allowed a professional to complete the process for them. Reasons we have noted over the years is that the applicants never tell the full truth and this is normally discovered later during the application phase. She might have years back overstayed a UK visa or worst was deported from the UK for not complying with the visa that was issued. More common are fake documents or inconsistencies in the visa application.

These are the basic requirements for the UK spouse visa. Note that this might change as rules for the visa change so always check with an immigration lawyer as to what the updated rules and timelines are.

  • – You must be a British citizen;
  • – You must be older than 18 years of age;
  • – You must be legally married abroad;
  • – You have physically met each other;
  • – You will live together in the UK permanently;
  • – You will not access public fund while in the UK.


Also note that you have to prove a real relationship. This could be a common address on your accounts, joint bills and accounts from Thailand or the UK. You simply need any proof to show that you have lived together for at least 2 years. If you can prove the 2 years of living together as husband and wife to UK Border & Immigration Agency your Thai wife will not get a 2 year probation when she arrives in the UK but would obtain ‘indefinite leave to remain’ once she arrives in the UK. The following documents would be needed in Bangkok:

  • – Copy of your birth certificate from the UK;
  • – Copy of marriage certificate in Thailand or UK;
  • – Copy of your bank account or payslip from the UK;
  • – Copy of your divorce certificate if divorced;
  • – Copy of a death certificate if your spouse died;
  • – Copy of proof as to where you live (municipal bills etc)

These are the basic documents for the spouse visa but it will depend if you have been married while your Thai wife lives in Thailand and you lived in the UK. The documents would also vary if both of you have lived as husband and wife in Thailand together. Speak to our attorney if you have any further questions. Call our toll free UK number to speak to a British attorney about your visa application and documents needed for your visa application. You can also walk into any of our offices in Thailand or speak to us online via or chat messenger.





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