UK Visitors Visa in Thailand

If you are planning on visiting the United Kingdom as a tourist then you can apply for a visitors visa for the UK in Thailand. There are a a number of requirements when applying for a tourist visa to the UK then these requirements need to met. Many visitor visas are rejected each year at the British embassy in Bangkok, due to incomplete forms or not enough evidence that you will return to Thailand after the visa has been issued and you have entered the United Kingdom.

The following is what needs to be proven:


  • – Show that you will not stay in the UK for longer than 6 months;
  • – Show that you intend to return to Thailand once done;
  • – Show you have money to live in the UK;
  • – Show that you will not look for work while in the UK;
  • – Show that you will not sell any goods or services while on the visa;
  • – Show you will not enroll in public schools in the UK;
  • – Show you can pay your way in the UK.


Note that you cannot stay in the UK for longer than 6 months. If this is your first visit to the UK then they may issue you with a much shorter visa. The visitor visa can be long however depending on how many times you have been to the UK will determine what they do issue in Bangkok.  Note also that you may not get married in the UK while on the visitors visa. You need to apply for a fiancee visa to do this. The proof needed for the visa would be a letter from your employer in Thailand stating that you are going on holiday. Payslip or mortgage agreements – any documents to show you will return to Thailand once you have visited the United Kingdom.

Due to abuse of the visa the British embassy in Bangkok is becoming very strict with this visa as some have tried to use it as a way to circumvent the fiancee visa and its requirements. Speak to our solicitors in Bangkok about your application and how best to obtain your visa. Call us today or visit our main website for more details.





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